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Activated Charcoal Mudpack

Specifications: Face mask containing Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil and Argan Oil, 150g packed in 200g container. Product Description: Natural and Organic Active Charcoal Deep Cleansing Detoxifying Facial Mud Mask with Argan Oil and... Read More

Health Guard

Product Name: HealthGuard Ear, Nose and Throat Spray Specifications: Silver Ion and Singlet Oxygen Health Spray, 50 ml Product Description: Ear, Nose and Throat Spray with singlet oxygen and silver ions bottled in amber glass with nasal... Read More

Australian handmade Ear Candles from the finest beeswax

> 2 piece All Natural Australian hand rolled. > Helps relieve conditions effecting the Ears, Nose and Throat. > Overcomes painful ear Infections. > Helps relieve migraines, insomnia and sinusitis. > Improves balance > Ear candling... Read More