Fiber-Rich Drinks for Easy Digestion

Eating is an important activity that we do on a daily basis. It is not just a simple process of taking food and drinks, chewing, absorbing and excreting it. The very process of eating is important for our body to absorb nutrients, energize our body for the whole day, and for some, fulfills our non-physical and physiological aspects (like appreciating and enjoying food).

Some of our health problems are caused by eating, though. Heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and kidney failure are some of the examples of not eating healthy. To cut the risk of these and other deadly health conditions, it is important to choose what you eat. Fiber, one of nature’s natural therapies, can provide easy digestion inside our body. This eventually cuts our risk from various health problems.

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What is fiber by the way and what can it do for our body? According to a private health organization, it is divided into two forms. Soluble fiber is a type that can lower glucose and blood cholesterol rates. Insoluble fiber aids people with constipation and other bowel movements. This is due to faster movement of particles during digestion which aids excretion.

To start your easy digestion routine, here are some fiber-rich drinks you can make from your kitchen.

Horchata Beverage – Do you want to hit many birds in one stone? If yes, then this one is for you. Horchata (sometimes called Orxata) is a traditional drink made of tigernuts, rice, ground almonds, sesame seeds, and barley. It contains 4 grams of fiber.

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Chocolate Drink – Who says this one is only for people with sweet tooth? It has 4.5 grams, don’t forget to add milk.

Carob – This plant is healthier than cocoa tree, according to experts. With 8 grams of fiber, it can speed up your internal cleansing program.

Tea – A famous drink that is associated with Japanese, Korean and British cultures, drinking a cup of tea is a healthy habit. An unsweetened and ready-to-drink version contains around 5 to 8.5 grams.

The Chinese has a tradition of drinking a cup of green tea after meals. This is to cut fat from their dishes. A cup of tea can also do the same to your body.

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Coffee – Alongside tea, a cup of this black drink is among the famous refreshments in the world. More and more people can’t get enough of its addictive taste and invigorating smell. According to statistics, an overwhelming 82 percent of American adults drink about 3.2 cups of java coffee daily.

Good news for lovers of this addicting beverage: adding cereal grain can increase its fiber content of up to 23.3 grams. This partly explains why drinking a cup of coffee can make you go to the toilet after a meal.

Fruit shakes – Don’t forget that one of the natural and best sources of fiber is found in fruits and vegetables. Prunes, apples, raspberries, mangoes and pears contain the highest amounts. Blackberries and strawberries that are fresh from the farm are also good alternatives.

How about making a fruit shake? Apples blended with mangoes gives 6.6 grams. Strawberries and apples also give the same amount. Pear, mango and apple shake can give up to 11 grams.

A quick and easy reminder for both men and women. To determine if you are getting the most out of fiber-rich beverages, consider this guide:

For men age 50 or younger, 38 grams is required; for age 51 and above, this will be down to only 30 grams. For women age 50 and below, 25 grams is needed; for 51 and older, 21 grams is sufficient.

Benefits of Fiber-Rich Drinks

Most of us think that fiber is only restricted for simplifying the body’s digestion process. What we don’t know is this important cleansing agent does more than just that.

Our body can benefit from dietary fiber in many ways than one. Here are some of them:

  • Diverticular disease occurs when tiny pockets in the colon develop hemorrhoids. Before anything, a high-fiber drinking program can prevent problems inside the intestinal organ.

  • Diabetes is a debilitating health problem which hinders a person’s daily living. To aid in decreasing their body’s blood sugar levels, soluble fiber can cut down sugar absorption. This process also improves the sugar levels.

  • For healthy people, a diet-rich meal or drink can lower the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

  • Healthy weight is everyone’s target. Sometimes, we can’t tell our mind to stop eating, especially if we are really hungry. High amounts of dietary fiber are enough to tell the body that it is full. This prevents us to overeat.

  • Cholesterol levels in the body can cause stroke, heart disease and other ailments. Beverages such as shakes that are fiber-rich aid the body to decrease total blood cholesterol levels. Studies also suggest that it is also responsible for reducing inflammation and blood pressure.

Eating can be made healthy. With fiber-rich foods, it uses natural therapies for easy digestion and improved bowel movement. Enjoy some of our suggested beverages and stay healthy.

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