Cucumber – Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Both gallstones and kidney stones can be dissolved by drinking apple juice with apple cider vinegar in the morning and carrots, beetroot and cucumbers in the afternoon. Here’s a specific breakdown of what you’re going to need:

  • Carrots (4 pieces)
  • Organic cucumber (½)
  • Beet/Beetroot (½ medium size with greens)
  • Lemon (¼)

First and foremost, scrub the carrots well, trim and remove its top as well. Next, if your cucumber isn’t organic, you need to wash it well and peel it, the same goes with lemon. Lastly, scrub the beetroot well for this juice tonic.

Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Juice all of the ingredients
  • Stir it well and serve it all in a glass (about 10 ounces max)
  • Serve it either chilled or at room temperature
  • Consume this drink 3-4 times a day with several glasses of lemon juice in hot water.

This is a helpful and effective drink to many people who want to dissolve gallstones, kidney stones or even both. Remember, results don’t come in an instant. It should take a few days to a couple of weeks before they’re evident.

Author: Serena

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