Angelica Root

Angelica Root — Colds, Congestion, Fevers

Angelica root is closely related to Dong Quai and one of the most respected female tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. It also has a rich history of use in colds, congestion and fevers. In addition, it’s warming and stimulating to the lungs; easing chest congestion as a result.

Angelica root also contains elements that function just like calcium channel blockers, which are sometimes prescribed for high blood pressure and heart health. Furthermore, it also functions as an arbiter digestive aid that helps calm down a nervous stomach and tension-related disorders. The fruit, leaf and root can also help trigger digestion and helps dispel gases.

All you need to do use the entire plant from the roots, stems, fruit and leaves; however, its resinous root is the most used in herbal medicine. The fresh bruised, or the dried roots, can also be taken as a decoction, are then transformed into extracts, and can be the source of the essential oil (oftentimes used in aromatherapy); it’s also available in an extract.

Furthermore, the hollow stems can also be candied for easier consumption Plus, Angelica tea is warming to the body and soul that you just can’t get enough of. It’s actually bitter to taste, but not that unpalatable.

Author: Serena

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