Algae / Nab Marine Sources


Algae/Nab Marine Sources Like Algae — Inflamation

You may have been told of this already; lowering inflammation inside your body will result in optimal health. First of all, inflammation inside the body is an immune response that happens when the cells are signaled to heal damage caused by foreign objects. It’s doesn’t last long; however, should it persist due to something ingested that provides little to no nutrition, the cells continue to do their task.

To eliminate inflamation, help youself to at five to seven servings of omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats from foods like nuts and nut oil, flax, chia seed, and extra virgin coconut oil per day. In addition, Nab marine sources like algae and phytoplankton can help reduce inflamation; remember to take the tonic or supplement forms of such.

Author: Serena

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